My artworks are generally inspired from international travels. I had just come back from Ethiopia and Spain in March 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic forced us into confinement.

Outings were confined to the neighbourhood; fortunately, with spring comes uplifting warmer weather and emerging fresh plant life.  And so, every day, with my cell phone in hand, I have explored the streets of Riverdale, from April to November, documenting the flora, highlighting the most spectacular specimens. The order of images is based on the dates of the photos so that the viewer can follow the evolution of the gardens from April to November.  The selection from thousands of photos was based on the feelings evoked by the images and their unusual character. My scientific background and hours looking down the microscope, often incites me to focus on single flowers highlighting their amazing intricacy. 

The photos are altered digitally but to a limited extent, mostly playing with the colours, and letting the imagination wander. Photos are then printed and transferred to board. Some artworks represent single transfers while others are a compilation of multiple images, which are then integrated using acrylic and textures.  There are also some collages and they are identified as such in the media description.

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